No Longer Bound By Drugs

I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol at a young age. Eventually, I got hooked on cocaine and started selling drugs. Bound by this addiction, and having experienced many setbacks and disappointments in life, I was filled with anger, bitterness, and emptiness. I ended up in jail and the psych ward. My son and nephew were scared of me. Upon release I was sent to a state mandated drug rehab program, but that didn’t work. I went right back to my old ways and didn’t know how to stop.
Since accepting an invitation to The Temple of Restoration, my life has totally changed. I’m no longer bound by drugs, bitterness or anger. I have a full-time job and I’m looking forward to the things God has planned for my life. God’s hand is on my life and I know that Jesus is real! I’ve seen the power of the Holy Spirit move in my life. Nobody can take me away from my purpose!

Raul Larancuent - Brooklyn, NY


God Saved My Life

For years, I had a fascination with the streets and loved money more than anything else. Sometimes, I felt like I loved it more than I loved myself because of the things I did to get it. I joined a gang at 15 and my destruction began. Several times I was involved in situations that almost cost me my life. I hung out with some of the most notorious killers and major drug dealers in Brooklyn. My attitude started to change drastically. I never listened to what people had to say; it was my way or no way. People used to say, “It would be nice to see you make it to 21 alive.” I was into everything that was illegal; heading fast in the wrong direction, with no return. Not caring who I hurt along the way.
In 2009, I got arrested and at that point, I considered my life to be over, because the evidence was quite incriminating. But even though I was in so much trouble, I still didn’t care. But sure enough GOD did care. He had a plan for my life. My mother brought me to TTOR for prayer and God granted me favor and that case was dismissed! I then went to Florida to start my life over, but I quickly forgot what I had just escaped in NY and went back to my old dirty ways. I started to terrorize the streets of Florida with everything I once did in New York, and again in 2011, I was arrested with serious allegations, but once more, GOD stepped in and saw me through it.
I got tired of putting my mom and family through changes. I decided that I needed a change in my life and I needed it ASAP. I went back to TTOR for help. I am so thankful for the Bishop, and all the pastors, assistants, and everyone who helped with my transformation. I want to thank GOD for blessing me with the mother I have. She stood in the gap for me and never gave up on me. Those prayers she used to put down at the altar for me while holding my picture paid off. THANK YOU GOD FOR SAVING MY LIFE!

David Singh -  Brooklyn, NY


God Gave Me Another Chance

In October 2011, I was faced with 15 years in jail after being arrested in Florida. I had just started to make progress in my life, and now it was as if history was repeating itself. I was totally confused. Upon my release via bail bond, I came to New York and my mother took me straight to The Temple of Restoration. It was here my life took on a radical change and I began my journey for freedom.
I began to participate in the weekly services for my deliverance. God used His servants to break the yoke of destruction from my life. I sought God’s guidance for my life crying out to Him to provide the right lawyer and deliver me out of the calamity I was facing. I surrendered not only my case but also my life to the Lord and got water baptized in November 2011. As my faith and confidence in God grew, my whole persona changed. Everyone in my home, job, community, etc., began noticing the changes in me. And finally after seven years of dating, I had the courage to propose and marry the lady in my life. 

Within two months, two of the biggest charges were dropped, leaving only one. But this one was still a felony punishable by up to 90 days in prison. I cried out even more to God and asked Him to please deliver me from the felony charge. My lawyer asked the judge for probation and to “withhold adjudication” (that means no conviction). However, it would be at the Judge’s discretion.

My day in court arrived and I walked into the courtroom confident that God was with me. I stood before the judge and waited while she read my complete case to herself. Only God could have softened her heart. As she spoke to me, she smiled and said, “Young man, this hobby of yours needs to stop.” My lawyer read my credentials to her, indicating that we were looking for probation instead of jail time. God is GOOD! SHE GRANTED ME PROBATION, transferable to New York. And before my lawyer could speak again, the judge said, “I WILL ALSO WITHHOLD ADJUDICATION, I WILL NOT CONVICT THIS YOUNG MAN AS A FELON.” To GOD BE THE GLORY!!! I thank God for hearing my cry and giving me another chance to live and fulfill my purpose for His glory and praise.  

Daniel Singh -  Brooklyn, NY


God Changed My Life

My father died the day I was born and my stepfather was a violent drug addict. My family was destructive and practiced witchcraft. I was told to kill myself or leave because I would never amount to anything. I grew angry and for 12 years, I turned to clubbing, drinking daily, and looking to guys for love. I had jobs but money slipped through my fingers. I was jailed twice in one year for doing things my way. I never finished anything I started.
I was invited to TTOR in November 2009. My life changed at TTOR. Bishop gave me a wake-up call. I began to pray and fast for a renewed mind and clean heart. I learned to sow seeds and tithe, even when unjustly unemployed.  I went to Nursing School and graduated on the honor roll with a 4.0 GPA. I got an internship as
a medical assistant at a great hospital and received recommendations from the doctors for my 1199 application.
Now my life is blessed. My patients love me and my family is happy. I give God all the glory for all He is doing in my life. I thank God for my spiritual fathers—the Bishop and Pastors who taught me to pray for my family, and for all the servants who prayed for me.

Betthie Petition -  Brooklyn, NY


God Rescued My Life

Because of experiences in my past, I was selfish, bitter and dying inside, although I pretended I was fine. I turned to alcohol to numb the pain and would drink until I passed out. I was verbally abusive when drunk and didn’t remember my cruel behavior the next day. Having a boyfriend gave me a false sense of belonging. I thought manicures, pedicures and the latest fashion was what life was all about. But this only left me broke and more depressed. I knew there was something missing in my life, but I kept searching in all the wrong places to find it.
I walked into The Temple of Restoration on August 15, 2010. I started attending Sunday services, Thursday Family Service, and Young Adult Meetings. Every time I came to TTOR and heard the Word of encouragement and power, a weight was lifted off of me. I was finally able to openly discuss my issues with my peers and not be judged. I don’t know how He did it, but God slowly began to change my thinking, my finances, my family issues, and so much more! I was baptized on October 29, 2011; it was the happiest day of my life! I can’t thank God enough for his grace and mercy. He restored my heart, gave me purpose in life and set me free from destruction.

Arielle Raoul -  Brooklyn, NY


Saved With A Purpose

Growing up in Jamaica, I was forced to go to church on Sundays; but I always thought that serving God was for old people. Once an aunt started acting strangely and my family went many places seeking her “healing”, which included kangol water, cloves bathes, etc. I was surprised to learn there were things, other than physical/visible, operating on earth, as shown in Ephesians 6:12.
A friend invited my family to TTOR and I just went along. However, after a few “seat warming” visits, something began to change in me. I started feeling bad when I cursed, lied, etc.; I became conscious of sin. Now I’m mindful of my Creator in all that I do. It is definitely a daily process of growth. Now I have hope and purpose in my life and have learned to forgive. I am in school, have a job that fits my schedule, and got my car at the right price. My mother and I are in the same faith, and she got her green card after 23 years!

Young people, we will save ourselves a lot of headaches and scars if we acknowledge God and let Him lead us.  If He did it for me, He can do it for you! I thank God for the Young Adults Ministry that showed me how to have fun and fly for Christ. I want to thank the Bishop, his wife, the pastors and their wives, the assistants and members. To God be the Glory!

Shaquilla Sinclair -  Brooklyn, NY


God Delivered Me From Drugs

My name is Basil Williams and God blessed me with great soccer skills. I traveled the world playing soccer and could have become a household name, but there was a spirit of addiction on my life.  Although continuing to play at a high level, I seemed to always fall short of the big breakthrough. I didn’t realize there was a curse on my life. I came to TTOR in March of 2008 overwhelmed by the pressures of my life. The pastors and assistants prayed for me, but I was still struggling with an addiction to marijuana that had held me hostage for 30 years. I loved smoking marijuana and sometimes seemed to worship it more than the Lord.

One blessed morning while praying, I heard the voice of God. He said it was time to give up marijuana so that I could have victory in my life and fulfill my purpose. On that very day, the curse of 30 years had no more hold on me. I am now free from addiction!

All things are possible with God if you trust and believe Him. The devil has no hold over your life when God has spoken. Now my life is completely transformed, restored and renewed. I’m a brand new man and a new creation in God. If he did it for me, he can do it for you! GLORY TO GOD!

Basil Williams -  Brooklyn, NY