Healed By The Great Physician

When I first came to TTOR, I was wearing a huge plastic brace from my stomach to my knees. As I climbed the front steps, my brace became hot and I felt like I was on fire. I told the person who invited me that there had to be something special in this place because I never felt like his before.

I had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a serious cancer that affects the bones. I had a five-hour operation to replace the broken backbones with rods and screws. The doctors told me I must wear the brace or become crippled. It was difficult climbing steps or even walking; I had to constantly stop and catch my breath. I was extremely thin and walked bent over leaning towards one side. I was miserable! I had twice weekly treatments at a Manhattan hospital, with six different strong doses of medication.

I was in and out of the hospital. One night, I left the hospital at 3am to go home to Brooklyn. When I got on the bus, I cried out to God asking Him, “Please take care of my condition. This is not my portion. I shouldn’t have to be outside this time of morning.”

I was scheduled to have a bone marrow transplant in Summer 2009, and another surgery to replace a broken bone over my spinal cord. I continued coming to TTOR and trusting God for my deliverance, passing through the red mantle in Queens, and having the pastors lay hands all over my body. I will never forget the Friday night Deliverance Service in March 2009. Bishop and the pastors laid hands on me; Bishop declared that this sickness that had me visiting hospitals would be broken and must be stopped. He bound the curse that was placed on me from childhood. He told me to go back to the doctors and take all of my tests over. I did just what he told me and the week of Good Friday 2009, the doctors took me off all medication! I was still scheduled for 8 treatment cycles, but at the end of the 3rd cycle, the doctors stopped them also.

I no longer wear the brace and have never had another treatment. I still visit the doctors every three months and every time I go, they ask how was I ever diagnosed with cancer? I tell them that Doctor Jesus was and is in the house! God has done it for me and He can do it for others who are battling cancer and other diseases. I have always had strong faith and declare and decree healing in my body. I spoke healing into existence! I just want to thank you Jesus. To Bishop and all the pastors of TTOR who always gave me an encouraging word, To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Susan Braithwaite -  Brooklyn, NY



I Am Totally Healed

In September 2011, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my knees. To avoid knee replacements, I lost weight and had physical therapy; but I still suffered pain and sleepless nights. I was invited to TTOR’s Night of Decision at Brooklyn College last December 31st. When Bishop began to preach and the praise and worship was going up, I could feel the presence of the Spirit of God, which reminded me of Matthew 10:20. It was awesome and I felt that my need was met.

I started attending services at TTOR Dean Street in January. At first it was difficult going up the steps, but it continues to get better. I can now dress myself completely and sleep at night without pain. I claim my total healing and know that the best is yet to come in Jesus’ name.

I called the church for prayer for my grandson who was having problems with his mother. He had left home, quit college and lost his job. On Sunday 8/19, the Bishop gave a message on Ezekiel 37:1-10: “Can These Bones Live?” He had us place our family’s pictures on our hearts and he prayed. The next day, my grandson called me at work to say he went back home and he was starting college that month. He said, “Grandma, I know that’s God. Thank you for praying for me.” We serve a mighty God who is worthy to be praised!

I am in the New Beginners class, and attend Servants Meetings and Wednesday night Bible Study. I am determined to receive all that God has in store for me. I want to encourage everyone that the Word of God is being preached and taught at TTOR! You just have to believe, have faith, cooperate with God and apply His word to your situation; you will see results. What He has done for others, He will do for you.

Fay Brown -  Brooklyn, NY


Healed From Cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer one year ago and was invited to The Temple of Restoration by a friend. Since then, I have been faithfully attending the Healing Services on Tuesdays, sowing my financial seeds and declaring the Word of God over my life. All the Pastors prayed with me believing for complete healing.

During this period, I was injured during a colonoscopy. The injury caused me such pain that I was not able to get out of my bed. I kept the faith standing on Isaiah 53:5 believing for total wholeness.

Today, I am totally free of cancer and I am healed from the injury. Thank you Jesus! Thanks to the Bishop, Pastors and Servants for your prayers. God is truly a miracle working God!

Budgette Springer -  Brooklyn, NY