I Got My Breakthrough

In 2007, my husband petitioned for my green card; but two years later he filed for divorce and my deportation procedures began. I felt lost and wanted to give up. A friend invited me to TTOR in 2010. On my first visit, the Bishop encouraged me to have faith in God. I started attending services regularly, believing that God would turn my situation around.
Determined to get a breakthrough, I persevered in prayer, fasting and sowing seeds. I asked the pastors to pray and fast with me; and this May, the judge dismissed the pending deportation and ordered my immigration case reopened. On “Victory Day”, I sowed a breakthrough seed. In August, I had my green card interview and five days later I received it in the mail.

I was faced with another situation where I needed God’s favor. My son and some friends in Grenada got in trouble. One of the pastors called and prayed with him in prison. His charges were dropped but his friends remained. In November, my youngest son was also arrested. Again, I called the prayer line and also asked a Pastor to pray. That same evening my son was released from prison and again all the charges against him were dropped.
God has been my deliverer in all that I have been through. I would like to thank the Bishop and Pastors for their faithfulness and the times they spent with me in fasting and prayer. Above all, I give all the glory to God for delivering my family and me.

Karon Early -  Brooklyn, NY




God Gave Me A Miracle

I came to the US seeking a better life. As the years passed, I never lost sight of my dream, which was to seek a better life for my children and me. I struggled to get a job and life was extremely hard for me. Whatever little money came into my hands, I had to sacrifice my own needs for my children. Still, I kept hope alive, believing that things would change for me.

My hopes for a better life were dashed after being denied a green card by immigration twice, and told by the officer that the date for my deportation would be mailed. I felt lost and didn’t know where to go or what to do next. As I anxiously waited for a date to shamefully leave the country, I received an invitation to The Temple of Restoration in Queens.

I came devastated and broken; my dreams were crushed! But after hearing the message, I received hope. I began to apply the word of God in my life and things started to turn in my favor. With much prayer, perseverance, fasting and supplications, I cried out to God. I sowed sacrificial seeds and asked God specifically for my green card.

Once again, I submitted my papers to rectify my immigration status. During this process, the lawyer who submitted my documents died. But God made a way for me and before long, I was informed that my application was approved. God gave me uncommon favor and even my children were added to the application when I went in for my interview. This was unheard of!

After twenty (20) years of not seeing my family, two denials, two deportation letters, years of rejection, heartache and struggle, God did it for me. He gave me a dumbfounding miracle! A jaw dropping testimony! The immigration officer told me that I would receive my green card in the mail and the status of my children is also being rectified!  I no longer feel like an illegal alien. I feel happy! I feel incredible joy, peace and contentment. Only God could have done this!

I give honor, praise and thanks to God. With all my heart, I thank the TTOR family. I’m so blessed to be a part of this ministry. I’m happy to serve in whatever ways the Lord wants me to!  Praise Be to God!

Paula Bernard -  Queens, NY