God Restored My Family

I came to The Temple of Restoration after much procrastination. In my heart, there was a constant urging, …go find this place where I can cry out for a change in the lifestyle of my sons. My life was filled with turmoil and afflicted with many troubles. On the outside, my life appeared to be great; but inwardly, I was suffering severely. My heart was left with no peace or joy, only filled with unhappiness. To add to my troubles, I had neither a job nor money. Coupled with all this, I was severely stressed because my sons were in constant trouble with the law since they were teenagers. Deciding not to waste any more time, I came on a Friday night not knowing it was a Deliverance Service. The message that the Bishop preached seemed to be just for me and my family. He spoke about my entire life. As I continued in the weekly services, I became more determined that no demon from hell would destroy my children; and each week I stood in the gap, interceding with many prayers, fighting for the deliverance of my sons.

The Lord heard my prayers! Today, my sons are freed from the snare of the fowler, from oppression, addiction and constant entanglement with the law. I can honestly say that since coming to TTOR and standing in the gap for my sons, their lives have been transformed tremendously. The Lord restored their lives and now my heart is filled with joy and happiness as I see my sons in church, saved, set free and delivered. I thank God for The Temple of Restoration ministry and the work that they do for the glory of God. Thank you Jesus!!!

Christine Singh - Brooklyn, NY



My Life Restored

My Life was in shambles; I was miserable and cried day and night. My husband left me for over four years, then finally, divorced me. My children rebelled against me and had no respect for me . I was in debts and could not see my way out.

One day, in the midst of my tears someone gave me the information to The Temple Of Restoration saying, “God is the solution to your problems”. I wasted no time in coming to the church. Since I began persevering in prayer, God has worked in my life greatly.

Today my life is restored. I have joy, peace and happiness. There is no more turmoil between my kids and I. My finances have been restored and most of all, my husband is back in my life. Once again, we are happily married. I don’t have words to express my gratitude; all I can say is, Lord, Thank You!!!

Maura Martinez - Brooklyn, NY